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Shields Family Tree

Here’s a collection of photo’s from my ancestors…

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  1. Anne-Marie Forrest 26th September 2019

    Lovely pictures, what a wonderful family of ancestors.

  2. Gillian Atkinson 18th January 2020

    Aww David… This is so gorgeous darlin.. Lovely to see your Great Gran Richardson, (she truly was the loveliest lady), and your Grandad Stan when he was very young.
    I love pic of the three generations together too, Great Gran Richardson, Nana Vera – and your Dad & Uncle Michael!
    Brought back so many distant memories for me.
    Thank you for this sweetheart, you should do a more up to date version of the family now! xx

  3. Unc. Michael 23rd May 2020

    Some of the `oldies` remind me of an old gangster movie.
    Move aside Al. Shieldsy`s first.

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